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Choose from weekly group or private offerings of fitness, yoga, and pilates classes. Or explore our holistic therapies such as Reiki, alternative massages, and workshops from industry experts to stimulate your senses. Home also to the Vibereition showroom, a Creative Healing concept and lifestyle brand merging healing products and good vibe designs for your everyday lives.

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A relaxing energy healing transfer therapy that works on clearing energy blockages to balance the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Ideal for stress and anxiety, it is a powerful tool for self-understanding and spiritual development.


Choose from our wide range of classes to work on your mind, body, and soul. Classes are small and intimate to provide a more tranquil and personalized approach, and suitable for all levels. Group and private sessions are available.


Our instructors specialize in body sculpting, weight loss, HIIT, toned muscle gain and flexibility, to provide you with varied, fun and intense boot-camp sessions.For tailor made programs for your specific needs, contact us for personal training.


This full body workout focuses on core strength, flexibility, and balanced muscle development. We integrate the breath and mind into each class, making this a great workout for the body and mind. Group and private sessions are available.


Whether your suffering from an old sports injury, tension in the body from work, stress, or just want a little self indulgence, your sure to find one of our massage therapies to suit your needs. We offer alternative methods to suit your needs.


Our luxurious facial treatments use only high quality imported products, to erase any bloating and tension in the face and boost circulation. Release your tensions away with our deep and relaxing facial lymph drainage massage.


Through analyzing our electromagnetic activity we are able to check the health and body from organ to cells, to pinpoint areas of stress. After the scan, smooth frequency signals will be sent back to the organs to help with the repairing.


A great way to learn the importance of nutrition, and easy step by step methods to help regain balance in your life through your eating habits. Specializing in groups, schools and family coaching. Group and private sessions are available.


We offer both in-house and out of office therapy and training sessions to suit your needs, as well as private therapy treatments for your team. For special team building events contact us for our available health and creative workshops.


Vibereition is a lifestyle brand and educational platform that aims to bring holistic healing to your every day life. The collection offers crystals, incense, sage, himalayan salt products, healing jewellery, and local designs that share our "Creative Healing" mantra, and much more.

ShivEnergetics Reiki Training

Aspire Health offers training programmes for students to be competently train up to be a certified Reiki Master as well as learn additional skills to assist their development and training. Prior to learning and after each level, the student will be evaluated and assessed before the next level. Not all students will be eligible to complete reiki level 3. A student must do ongoing self work and healing in order to manage the energy, psychic development and attunements given at each level.


Today in Complementary and Alternative therapy there is an increasing need for international standards of quality control and procedures in training. Reiki comes from the traditional “Usui Shiki Ryoho”. ShivEnergetics was trademarked to show dedication to the Usui method and to establish an international benchmark with Reiki, focusing on training and development of his teachers. The outcomes have proven quality, competency, and skills with the energy transfer therapy.

Reiki Level 1

Reiki is a powerful energy transfer therapy. It is a hands-on healing technique which works by expanding the chakras and aura. This in turn intensifies the vibrational frequency of the recipient, promoting a healthier mind, body and spirit. Reiki® has developed high quality standards to ensure all students are safely channeling the highest amount of Reiki energy possible at each stage. The students receives 1 day of theory, 1 day of hands-on practice and in total 4 attunements.. After Reiki 1, the participants are able to perform a Reiki treatment on themselves and on others.

Crystal Healing

Would you like to be able to feel the energy of crystals with your own hands? To learn how to choose the ones your clients need, to know where to put them during the treatment? With one day of theory and exercises and one day of hands on practice, you will get introduced to the wonderful world of healing crystals.

Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 2

This course is to begin one’s path as a light worker. The intensity of the energy available to a level 2 practitioner will double immediately, and will continue to increase as one continues to heal others. Reiki level 2 works on not just the physical plane, but the mental, emotional and spiritual planes as well. Reiki level 2 practitioners will follow a path of spiritual growth whether it is known consciously to them or not. Students will receive in total of 4 attunements.

Pendulum Diagnosis

The Pendulum skill is used as a tool to connect our intuition, visions and feelings. It’s an extremely useful tool to communicate and have clarity with our guides during reiki treatments..

Pre-requisites: Reiki Level 2

Developing Psychic Awareness (DPA) Meditation Course

A 7 day transformational meditation course. This progressive meditation takes place over 30 sessions, each session further activating the Third Eye to increase psychic awareness. For sensitives and healers, this course will develop a set of psychic skills which can be used on an everyday basis.

Reiki Level 3

After this level you will be certified as a Reiki Master, and able to start a professional practice of Reiki. The students receives 1 day of theory, 1 day of hands-on practice and in total 4 attunements.

Pre-requisites: Students must be older than 18 years and competent in Reiki Level 2. There must be a minimum of 6 months from completion of Reiki level 2 and students must have had 30 client experiences performing Reiki therapy (this does not include distance therapy).

Please note: Reiki 3 Level is Master, not Teacher level. Reiki Teacher Training levels are 4-9 which take many years of experience and development to pass on this healing art in its purest essence. Reiki 3 Masters can be assessed after a minimum of 12 months + of giving professional treatments to be considered for the Teacher levels. Reiki Teachers have received intensive training in order to manage and oversee safe energy practice. We do NOT train all Masters to Teacher level.

Studio Fees for Classes & Therapies

Group Yoga | Fitness | Pilates: 180 RMB

Private Yoga | Personal Training | Pilates| Nutrition Coaching: 500 RMB

Reiki: 500-600 RMB | Facials & NLS: 500 RMB | Massages: 450-575 RMB

Not sure which class or treatment to try out? Why not choose one of our flexible package deals that can be combined across classes and treatments. Please enquire directly about current packages and promotions.

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Studio Rental

Our intimate studio is available to rent on an hourly or weekly basis for therapists,small classes, intimate talks and workshops. Limited mats, massage tables and equipment provided. Studio space: 200RMB/hr Treatment room: 150RMB/Hr

Aug-Dec 2019 Reiki Training Schedule, Shanghai:

Date Topic
Aug 31/1 Sept Reiki 2
Sep 7/8 Reiki 1
Sept 17/18/19 Reiki Masters Advance
Sept 21/22 Pendulum
Oct 1/2 Crystals
Oct 1-7 DPA 7 Day meditation
Oct 12/13 Energetic Map Shifting Level 1
Oct 19/20 Psychometry
Nov 9/10 Reiki 1
Nov 23/24 Reiki 3
Dec 7/8 Reiki 2
Dec 14/15 Pendulum

Students are required to do hands on practice on participants throughout the training to meet the criteria requirements for experience at each level.

Programme Fee:

ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy Price List

Treatments ¥600/€80

Reiki 1 ¥2,800/€360
Reiki 2 ¥3,800/€490
Reiki 3 ¥4,800/€620
Reiki 4 ¥10,000/€1,300

Crystals ¥1,500/€190
Pendulum ¥2,000/ €250
Psychometry ¥1,500/€190
Reiki Masters Advance ¥1,500/€190
Dpa ¥6000/€760

Energetic Map Shifting Modality
Levels 1-5
¥2,500/€320 per level
10 day full course consisting of all levels ¥10,000/€1,300

5 day class of all seminars/talks ¥4000/ €500


Reiki workshops are available in Barcelona every July and January, please contact directly for schedule and courses.

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