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Today in Complementary and Alternative therapy there is an increasing need for international standards of quality control and procedures. ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy is a Training School for Energy Medicine and is trademarked to show dedication to the authentic Usui Shiki Ryoho Method and to establish an international benchmark for Reiki training. The outcome has proven quality, competency of its Reiki practitioners and skills with the Energy Transfer Therapy.

ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy does not ignore those who have previously trained elsewhere; however, in order to maintain the quality and consistency of Reiki therapists, a Reiki assessment procedure will be required.

Today, there are many modalities being used around the world termed “Reiki” but are not a practical transfer of source energy. These “branches” of Reiki often involve religious belief systems, meditation techniques to activate the energy or they are a “watered” down version of Reiki only offering one attunement per level. One attunement per level is not sufficient enough to activate a person’s kundalini energy, to expand their chakras and make a Higher Self connection to Source energy to enable the energy transfer.

In these cases, many of the modalities teaching this way are often channeling their own energy and not source energy and the Reiki training is more of a placebo effect. This is why there’s a lot of negativity around the Reiki training system globally as a competent healing method and it is difficult for western medical professions to integrate Reiki and take it seriously.

The mission of ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy and Energy Training system is to provide a standard and benchmark in Reiki. We are already training and working with many western medical professionals and integrating with other holistic therapies. Our mission is to grow our school globally and set international standards in Reiki in each country

We currently have 3 school locations for Reiki training workshops. Our main school is based in Shanghai, China. Sera Shivnan, the founder of ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy divides her time teaching between Shanghai, Bangkok and Barcelona. She has trained 70+ Reiki Masters that are now spread across the globe. The majority of her Reiki Master Practitioners are based in Asia and Europe practicing and treating clients professionally within their own clinics. You can find a full list of her practitioners on her website.

Reiki Level 1

Reiki is a powerful energy transfer therapy. It is a hands-on healing technique which works by expanding the chakras and aura. This in turn intensifies the vibrational frequency of the recipient, promoting a healthier body, mind and spirit.

ShivEnergetics has developed high standards to ensure all students are safely channeling the highest amount of Reiki energy possible at each stage. During this two day workshop, 4 attunements are passed to the student. It takes four attunements to activate a student’s kundalini (soul) energy. When the kundalini (soul) activates and awakens, energy is pushed from the root chakra and expands the 7 chakras, expands the Etheric aura and the outside aura expands in general from 2-3 meters to 5 meters.

The student will then need two months to practice at least 10 hands on treatments. Two months is needed for the new stimulated kundalini energy to settle down in the student’s physical body. During these two months the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies unbeknown to the student will begin to detoxify. Reiki 1 students CANNOT receive financial exchange for treatments. Attunements CANNOT be done online. They must be done face to face.

Reiki Level 2

During this two day workshop, 4 further attunements are passed to the student. The kundalini rises, the aura expands, the third eye expands, the psychic develops, the sensitivity of the student increases and more guides from the student’s Higher Self come in to assist the student on this next step.

Layers in the Spiritual Body come up to be cleansed. Deeper layers of the soul become present such as past lives and karmic relationships or blockages. The Mental Body needs to be cleansed. The rise of Kundalini will push on the student’s Mental Body to start releasing their built up ego conditioning and ingrained belief systems in their brain consciousness.

At this level, the student is passed the Reiki symbols, they learn to give distant treatments, send distant energy to more than one person or place. You are able to start releasing karmic blockages and working with clients on a deeper level. Attunements CANNOT be done online; they must be done face to face. . Reiki 2 students CANNOT receive financial exchange for treatments.

Reiki Level 3 (Master)

This is a two day workshop; however a lot more than two days is involved. It is simply two days to pass on the final 4 attunements. At this point the student will have received all 12 attunements and have their Kundalini fully active, psychic developed, chakras and aura expanded and have the ability to start accessing a great number of guides potentially available to them from their soul. After master level, there are no more attunements. The more treatments they give; the more guides that come in to assist them on their journeys.

If the student remains humble, devotes themselves to being at service to others and sets the intention to help anyone who crosses their path and works on dismantling their ego and blockages they will see soul shifts take place. If they are able to trust and allow higher forces to guide them, they will see their path effortlessly become aligned. They will merge with their guides. They will begin to remove their ego personality and the Higher Beings will choose to work closely with the student. The student will take on the energy imprint, high consciousness of the Masters who will work directly through them.

Prior to Reiki 3, the DPA Meditation course and Pendulum must be completed if the student plans to charge financially for professional treatments at this stage.

Teacher Levels 4-9 - a lot is involved at these levels and a very small percentage of Reiki Masters will go on to teach Reiki. This is already mapped out in their Soul Contract. 3-5 years of experience and development is required before masters can be considered for assessment for the Reiki Teacher Levels.

Additional Skills

• Crystal Healing (pre requisites Reiki 1)
• Pendulum Diagnosis (pre requisites Reiki 2)
• DPA 7 Day Meditation Course (pre requisites Reiki 1)
• Psychometry (pre requisites Reiki 3, DPA, Pendulum)
• Reiki Masters Advance (pre requisites Reiki 3, DPA and Pendulum and 3+ months hands on experience as a professional Reiki Master)
• Energetic Map Shifting – Soul Re-alignment Modality levels 1-5 (pre requisites Reiki 2, Pendulum and DPA).

All details of these further skills are on the website.

Students are required to do hands on practice on participants throughout the training to meet the criteria requirements for experience at each level.

Programme Fee:

ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy Price List

Treatments ¥600/€80

Reiki 1 ¥2,800/€360
Reiki 2 ¥3,800/€490
Reiki 3 ¥4,800/€620
Reiki 4 ¥10,000/€1,300

Crystals ¥1,500/€190
Pendulum ¥2,000/ €260
Psychometry ¥1,500/€190
Reiki Masters Advance ¥1,500/€190
Dpa ¥5,000/€650

Energetic Map Shifting Modality
Levels 1-5
¥2,000/€260 per level
10 day full course consisting of all levels ¥10,000/€1,300


Reiki workshops are available in Barcelona every July and January, please contact directly for schedule and courses.


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